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Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
report day this year from last year, was the energy in the clubhouse. last year, it was silent. the players didn't know each other. they weren't talking. this year, there was a swagger that comes with making it to the playoffs. the music was up. and the song playing, "move it like bernie." >>> 49ers cornerback chris culver had a rough super bowl week. he made insensitive comments on media day and did not play well in the big game. this afternoon, he began giving back to the community, by visiting with sick children at the ronald mcdonald house in palo alto. >> it's going to be more to continue. if it's a project like this or anything. i've been dealing with this project for two months now. i became anxious to see him and hear about the battles he went through. to see him out here today, he had a big smile on his face. and he loves to be out. today was his first day coming outside. and i don't want to start crying. >>> sharks trying to end their four-game skid. they face the blue jackets. brand brandon dubinsky finds the back of the net. slaps it in. 4-1, blue jackets. sharked play g
Feb 10, 2013 11:10pm PST
that occupy it, it doesn't matter. there is energy. we have to get that energy focused. >> reporter: focusing that energy wasserman says means moving to a neighborhood policing model and rebuilding trust between the police officers and the community. it also means, he says, applying something called the broken windows theory. >> and there's a broken window and someone doesn't fission it you will get another broken window and the whole area will eventually deteriorate which e creates a breeding ground for crime. >> joe bratton has sparked controversy. with the homicide rate at a six-year high in 2012, and violent crime up 23%, some residents aren't convinced wasserman or bratton can help. >> nothing much new. a lot of this same story we've been hearing for quite a long time. >> very hopeful that they can connect. a lot of times you have planning but the action behind it, the follow-up never takes place. >> reporter: both the mayor and the police chief are optimistic. >> we've seen where we tried this in sepecific areas that th pilots have worked in so we're ready to go. >> i think we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2